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Ananta shares Satsang with the blessings of his Guru, Shri Mooji. In Sanskrit, the word “Satsang” ("Sat” – truth, “sangha” – company) simply means being with the truth. Satsang with Ananta is an invitation for sincere seekers to come to the complete realization of the Self. In his presence, many beings have experienced a stillness of mind and an opening of the heart. Attention to thoughts reduces and the mind comes to rest. In this peace, our true nature reveals itself. Although words may be used in Satsang, communication also happens non-verbally, through a deeper transmission of the heart. All are welcome to attend. There is no registration required.

The Essence of Satsang

The Essence of Satsang

I have some more excellent news for you, which is that as you remain empty of interpretations and judgments, empty of concept, the recognition of Your True Self is inherently present. The Truth is apparent to You. So, you don’t have to struggle with this recognition, you don’t even have to struggle with making it stable; it just Is. All that can ‘seem to happen’ …

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You say ‘I’m tired of the effort’. So stop all effort. Don’t pick up anything at all. No effort at all, whatsoever. Did you stop Being? What effort could be required to Be?


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Read Ananta's words and pointings transcribed from video Satsangs from 2014 onwards. These words contain the essence of Ananta's teachings and can be downloaded for computers, devices, or to read online.

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About Ananta

Ananta (born, Tapan Garg) is a disciple of spiritual Guru, Shri Mooji. His quest for self-realization began in 1998, at the age of 23.

He spent the initial few years involved with Sri Sri Ravishankar's Art of Living Foundation. At one point, he seriously contemplated becoming a teacher of the Art of Living, but life led him in a different direction when he came ...

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Meeting YourSelf is Being YourSelf

We come to Satsang to, presumably, to meet the Self; for the recognition of the Self. Whether we call it recognition, realization…, it’s about the Self. [Silence] So how would we meet our Self? Maybe it’s important for us to experiment with how do we meet another. How do you meet another? Before you can …

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February 19, 2018

Meeting YourSelf is Being YourSelf

We come to Satsang to, presumably, to meet the Self; for the recognition of the Self. Whether we call it recognition, realization…, it’s about the Self. [Silence] So how would we meet our Self? Maybe it’s important for us to experiment with how do we meet another. How do you meet another? Before you can …

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February 16, 2018

If Aversion is There, Just Don’t Pick Up a Notion

[Reading from Chat]: “Father how should we be in situations which provoke aversion? For example, I don’t like bars and cigarette smoke.” That is the beauty of what I am saying. We are not talking about the appearance of, or disappearance of, the renouncing or the picking up of any phenomena at all. We are …

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February 16, 2018

The Non-Existent Ego Wants to Be King of the Universe

I was just saying the other day, what you are finding is that (or what I am telling you is that): You are the Lord of this Universe. Every ray of light, every stream of sound, everything that hears here, every blade of grass, is in service to You. And usually what I hear in …

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February 16, 2018

I Give You the Greatest Gift

I have to expose some trick of the mind. And I am going to paraphrase a little bit from the conversations we’ve had over the last couple of days. The content of the conversation is somewhat like this: ‘Father, if I let go all notions, then without having any notion, will I continue to be …

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BOOKS Books written by Ananta


Based on a series of talks given by Ananta between April to August 2014. “You are always the Awareness itself, and as Awareness you know that all that is appearing in front of you is just an appearance. There is no one here besides You. All appearances are a play of Consciousness. You stay as the Awareness itself. Once the one that wants to help vanishes, then pure grace and help will flow from You, from your Being itself. Do not get confused, my beloveds. This is all for your own good, for your own freedom. There is only You. You are all there is. All emerges from your own Being. And the way to bless the entire Being is to find your complete freedom.”


Can You Stop Being consists of excerpts taken from some of Ananta's earliest Satsang's between August to October, 2014. “Ask yourself right now: Can I stop being now? In this question you will see that there is a Being here; your own Presence, which cannot be stopped. This Being is not a man or a woman, it is just Being. Irrespective of what happens in the story of this life, this Being is unaffected, unchanged, untouched Consciousness. Prior to I am a person, I am a man, I am a partner, I am a parent, I am a child, prior to all of this: ‘I Am’.


This book is a selection of Satsang dialogues that took place between Novemmeber 2014 to October 2015. “Although it can sound simple, almost trivial, but to not believe our next thought is to experience the freedom, the non-resistive, non-suffering state, right now. You cannot suffer without buying your next thought. Even if you believed all your previous thoughts, this fresh moment is so beautiful and powerful that all prior conditioning has dissolved already unless we pick up the tree of conditioning again by pulling at the branch of the next thought.”


This book is a selection of satang dialogues that took place between January and February, 2016. “You see, the Knowing is always Knowing. Awareness is always Aware, and This is always 'I'. So although Being is coming to a realization of its Source, The 'I' has always been 'I' . Even in the playing of ‘I’ as ‘I Am’, ‘I’ has remained as ‘I’.”


This book is a selection of satang dialogues that took place between March and May, 2016. “That’s why I say that ‘You are free now’. What does that mean? As Awareness you are free. But the advice is ‘Keep coming to satsang’. For who? For the Beingness. There is nothing here for the person. You see? So Consciousness in this monologue is saying to Itself: ‘Hey, buddy, you know, it’s good, what we’ve walked together so far, but let’s just keep at it’. You know? That’s the real monologue that God is having with Itself. It’s all part of the game.”


This book is a compilation of short, poignant talks taken from online Satsangs with Ananta between 19th May to 11th July 2016. It is not the recognition which is difficult. More difficult is to give up our stories. But That which You Are, (and you’re recognizing it now), cannot have a story. That which is not phenomenal cannot have a story. That within which all phenomenon is born and dissolves cannot have a story. You Are This.


Based on a series of talks given by Ananta in July and August 2016. “Can it be that all the wise ones were fooling us with their imploration ‘Know Thyself’ just so that one day we would come to this conclusion that ‘The Truth about the Self is unknowable’? The Realization of the Self is completely possible! The Self is completely Knowable! But not in the way we think. Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi's repeated advice to inquire ‘Who Am I?’ and Nisargadatta Maharaj's guidance to stay with the sense ‘I Am’ was not so that one day they could say ‘Fooled you!’ There is a big clue in the phrase ‘Know Thyself’. The clue is to look at this Knowing itself.”


This is the 8th book of Ananta Satsang talks, taken from online satsangs from 5th September to 19th October 2016. Meet me here where we are One. Meet me here where the universe is just a tiny firefly. Meet me here before time and space. Meet me where meeting Me is to meet Yourself.


This book contains simple pointings, contemplations, guided inquiry and powerful discussions from online satsangs between 26th Oct. to 15th Dec. 2016. “I feel [this] is the gist of what has been shared from here over the years; the gist of what Advaita Vedanta really is trying to convey. It has been a great gift in this life here. Meeting all of you also has been the greatest gift that my Master has given. I have so much gratitude in my Heart for all of you. Thank you for being this beautiful Sangha, my beautiful friends and family. May we all never forget the beautiful grace we have all had in our lives to have the opportunity to be at the feet of Satguru Sri Moojiji.”


Based on a series of talks from Satsang with Ananta, April through September 2017." What witnesses everything and Itself remains unchanging? This one sentence is more than enough, actually." "Satsang is nothing but these two aspects, which are completely inter-linked: What is it that I truly Am? and the dissolution of the belief in this idea of limitation."


Based on a series of talks from Satsang with Ananta, from first of October through end of December 2017. “If it is picked up, it is picked up. Now it's gone. No concept has ever survived this moment. Isn’t this good news? No concept has ever, ever survived this moment. You are empty of it Now.”

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