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Message from Ananta Ji

Beloved Ones,
I’ve received many questions on why we don’t have many Open Satsangs now. I feel to share with all of you, how things are playing out here.
By the Grace of my Master, we’ve had a few years of beautiful and non-stop Satsangs. the feeling over the last few months has been to move towards more silence and tranquility and to move away from a Satsang “schedule”.
At this point, I feel to stop sharing Open Satsangs. For those who have been with me over the years, we will still have small gatherings, this life will be more in your service for some time.
To all those who have been in Satsang over the years, I want to say that I’m truly grateful, you have been my Master’s gift in this Life. I love you very very much.
We are all blessed to have Satguru Moojiji in our lives, all the sharing that has happened from here has just been a minuscule attempt to share His Light with all of you.
You are that Unchanging Awareness Self which Knows your Existence.
Love Love Love,

Ananta Garg

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In Loving Service


Currently there are no open Satsangs

In loving service,

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